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Types of real estate in Spain

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the types of real estate that exist in Spain. We will tell you what they are, indicate the Spanish version of the names that can be found on the websites of real estate companies.

Free orientation in many types of Spanish real estate, an understanding of their main distinctive abilities will help you choose the object that best meets personal requirements and preferences.

So, Spain offers five main types of real estate (apartment, bungalow, townhouse, cottage and villa), each of which in turn is represented by several options.

The system for designating floors is different from the Russian one. The first floor, which can be located both on the ground level and above this level, is usually called the "lower" - "bajo". The lower floor can be both residential, i.e. occupied by ordinary apartments, and not residential, i.e. given for commercial premises (shops, bank offices, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, government organizations, etc.). Numbering of floors begins with the second, i.e. The first Spanish floor is usually the second Russian.