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Residence permit in Spain

This residence permit in Spain is suitable for Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and citizens of other countries of the former USSR who have a stable, high income, businessmen, highly qualified hired specialists and individual entrepreneurs.

As the name implies, a residence permit without the right to work does not entitle you to work in Spain. Therefore, to obtain this type of residence permit in Spain, it is necessary to confirm that the applicant has sufficient funds to live in Spain without working, and most importantly, it is necessary to confirm the stability of income received in another country.

Spanish legislation establishes the minimum amount of such income (see below), however, we recommend confirming the existence of a higher income, about 50.000 euros per year. Thus, the Spanish authorities will be able to ensure that the applicant, having obtained a residence permit in Spain, does not intend to take jobs from the indigenous population and foreigners who have a residence permit in Spain with the right to work.

A residence permit in Spain without the right to work does not prohibit its owner to open his own business in Spain, to hire employees and develop business activities. By entrusting the management of the company to a hired manager, who has all the documents authorizing this activity, the owner himself will receive the right to receive and use the profits from the activities of his company.

So, a residence permit in Spain without the right to work is primarily suitable for citizens who have a stable income in the territory of their state of nationality. Such citizens, as a rule, are engaged in labor activities that do not require a permanent presence at the workplace, and can perform their duties remotely. This is important because, according to Spanish law, a foreign citizen who has received a residence permit in Spain (with or without the right to work), most of the time is required to be in this country, that is, at least 183 of the day of the year. Failure to comply with this rule may cause further non-renewal of the residence permit.


In the end, if circumstances develop in such a way that the owner of a residence permit without the right to work still have to start working in Spain, he can do it in a completely legal way, changing the status of a residence permit at its first extension, that is, after after receiving the first residence.


  • Citizens applying for a residence permit in Spain without the right to work should have Property in Spain;
  • if you plan to move with children to Spain, then they must necessarily be enrolled in Spanish educational institutions;
  • It is obligatory to have accounts in Spanish banks;
  • important is the absence of visa violations during previous trips to Europe. All this is taken into account when considering the application.


In accordance with Spanish law, a petition for obtaining a residence permit in Spain without the right to work is submitted to the Consulate of Spain in its country of residence. If you are in Spain on a tourist visa, to obtain a residence permit you will need to return to your country. ARUM PROPERTY provides a full range of services in the preparation and submission of documents to the Spanish Consulate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Astana. We will help to collect a package of necessary documents.

The response time is from 2 to 6 months. Documents from the consulate of Spain are sent to Madrid. It is in Madrid that a decision is made on each application. If a positive result in the passport, the applicant is pasted a visa of a Spanish resident type D, giving the right to enter the country and receive a resident card here. In the future, the extension of the residence permit is carried out in Spain without the need to leave.


  1. Two copies of the national visa application form, filled out accordingly and signed by the applicant, two photos that meet the following requirements: 3,5 x 4,5, recent, colored, full-face, with uncovered head, on a white background.
  2. The applicant must not be illegally in Spain and must not violate the obligation to return to Spain in the event of a voluntary return to the country of origin.
  3. At the time of submission of the application must be paid a fixed fee in the amount of 60 euros.
  4. Form 790 (code 052) - proof of payment of the fee for prior permission for a temporary residence permit.
  5. Request a permit for a temporary residence permit without the right to receive income on the form EX-01.
  6. A passport or other travel document recognized in Spain, with a validity of at least 1 of the year, as well as photocopies of all previous passports (if the consulate requests them).
  7. Internal passport and photocopy of all its pages.
  8. A recent criminal record certificate, translated into Spanish, certified by the legalization department of the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow or by a sworn translator officially recognized in Spain, issued not earlier than 3 a month before applying for a visa by the competent authority of the country of origin or countries where the applicant resided for the 5 years preceding the filing of the application (only for adults), confirming the absence of a conviction for crimes under Spanish law. Applicants who are citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan must bear the Hague apostille on this certificate. Help file with the application uncertified copy.
  9. Health insurance policy issued by an insurance company accredited in Spain. Insurance coverage must include hospitalization and repatriation.

10. A recent medical certificate with a translation into Spanish, certified by the legalization department of the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow or by a sworn translator officially recognized in Spain, issued no earlier than 3 a month before applying for a visa. The certificate must contain the following or similar wording: “This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. _____ does not suffer from diseases that could harm the health of people specified in the International Sanitation Regulation by 2005.”

11. Documents confirming the financial viability of the applicant, i.e. having a monthly income of at least € 2130,04 per applicant and € 532,51 for each member of his family:

  1. Certificate of salary, savings, investments, pensions, subsidies, shares in funds, etc .;
  2. Documents confirming the co-founding and the right to receive profits from the activities of any legal entity;
  3. The 3-NDFL declaration for the three previous reporting years and the 2-NDFL reference for the current year;
  4. Help from the tax authorities on the execution by the applicant of the obligations to pay taxes, fees, penalties, fines;
  5. Real estate purchase and lease agreements, duly registered with the relevant registration services of the Russian Federation;
  6. Bank statements in Spain or in another country;
  7. Documents on the ownership of movable and / or immovable property, certificate of state registration of rights in Russia;
  8. Certificate from the applicant's place of work (if any) stating that the nature of the work does not require a permanent presence in the workplace in Russia;
  9. A contract of sale and an extract from the Spanish Property Register confirming the existence of real estate in Spain (Escritura and Nota Simple).

12. Inquiries about the enrollment of children in educational institutions of Spain and / or language schools.

13. A letter of motivation addressed to the consul indicating the reasons for moving to Spain for permanent residence.

All documents are submitted translated into Spanish and legalized at the consulate of Spain. In addition to the original, a photocopy of each document is also served.


The consulate reserves the right at any time to require the personal appearance of the applicant (or applicants) for an interview. The visa must be received personally by the applicant within 1 of the month from the date of notification of a positive decision on the application for a residence permit in Spain. Further, on the basis of the visa, a plastic card of a resident in the territory of Spain is requested and obtained.

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