Real Estate Agency Services in Spain Arum Property

ARUM Property - real estate agency with a central office in Spain. Our company is a fairly young company in the Spanish real estate market. With work experience of about seven years, but nonetheless, during the work we have managed to earn a reputation as an honest and professional agency.

Acquisition of real estate in Spain or individual housing construction is an important and crucial step.

Our company offers professional services for the selection, purchase, registration of real estate in Spain and its maintenance in the future. In addition, we provide services for the delivery of the property for rent. We guarantee all our customers confidentiality, as well as a simple, fast and organized process of purchasing housing.

The quality of our work depends not only on our name, but also on how long and successful the fate of our company will be. We will be glad to help you!

The property:

- free study tour of real estate

- selection of the property

- advice on the acquisition and execution

- assistance in obtaining a loan to purchase real estate

- legal support of transactions (opening a bank account, assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan)

- real estate from banks, new buildings in Spain from the developer, secondary real estate, gdolphin real estatecommercial real estate land

Legal services:

- obtaining TIN for foreigners, residence permit

- payment of taxes for owners

- registration of enterprises

- representation of interests in state bodies

- registration

- purchase of real estate

- contracts for utilities

Post-sale and real estate services:

- repair and finishing works of any complexity

- cleaning

- garden and pool maintenance

- connection to power and water networks.

- assistance in the acquisition of furniture, household appliances, car, etc.

Rental and insurance:

- Rental Property

- rental cars, yachts, etc.

- real estate insurance

- car insurance

- life insurance

- health insurance

And also:

- search and book flights, hotels, real estate for rent

- obtaining a Spanish visa

- accompaniment to the doctor

- all types of transfers

- translation services


- any architectural work

- projects

- building

- obtaining a certificate of energy saving

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