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Study (Student) Visa To Spain


Every year hundreds of our compatriots come to study in Spain. Traditionally many of them arrive by Type C Tourist Visa for training on Spanish courses, thus combining leisure and education in Spain. Recently, however, schools have become increasingly popular. universities of spain, training in which involves a long stay in the country. This requires a visa D for Spain with further processing resident cards.

There are two types of study visa to Spain:

  • Spanish study visa entitling to stay up to 180 days;
  • Spanish study visa, giving the right to stay for a year in Spain with the possibility of further extension.

A study visa to Spain for up to 180 days is issued, as a rule, for training on long courses. The process of obtaining this visa is quite simple, since it does not require a medical certificate and certificates of non-conviction. The main disadvantage of this visa is that it cannot be extended in Spain.

In this article we will consider the procedure for obtaining a visa D to Spain (residence permits on the basis of training), which gives the right to reside in the country during the year. Such a visa is also called "student residence".

We draw your attention to the fact that the student residence in Spain does not have the status residence permit. Therefore, for example, in the case of filing documents for spanish citizenship stay in Spain for a study visa will not be counted in the required minimum.

Student visa to Spain: documents

1. An application for the granting of a Spanish national visa of an official sample, completed and signed in two copies by the applicant or his official representative (for minor students).

2. Valid passport (as well as copies of all pages), the validity of which must exceed the period for which a visa is requested.

3. Documents confirming the availability of funds for living in Spain during the period of study and for returning to the country of origin of the applicant, as well as family members living on its maintenance. The minimum level of student prosperity is determined in the amount of 100% from IPREM (El Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples - a multifunctional total income figure). Currently, the size of the IPREM is 532,51 euro for one month. The content of the first dependent requires 75% from IPREM (Euro 399,38), for the second and subsequent ones - 50% from IPREM (Euro 266,26). The documents confirming the availability of funds may include, inter alia, the following:

  • sponsorship letters, usually from parents;
  • Bank statements;
  • certificates from the place of work.

4. For underage students who will be in Spain without parents, you need to issue:

  • the original notarized permission to travel, which spelled out the name of the institution, the estimated duration of the training course and data of the guardian who will be responsible for the child;
  • the original of the notarial act of acceptance by the guardian of the corresponding obligations on themselves.

5. If the child will live in Spain without parents, it is necessary to apply for a student visa. guardianship. We are talking about situations where children live on school grounds, if the school provides the opportunity to live in a dormitory or Spanish families. In the first case, the custodian of the child is, as a rule, the director of the hostel or school, in the second one of the parents of the family where the child will live. The guardian of a child can only be a resident of Spain.

Documents confirming accommodation in Spain for the entire period of study

1. A document confirming admission to the educational center, which has official accreditation, for the full-time program, involving the issuance of a final diploma or certificate. The following data should be indicated in the document:

  • student's name;
  • the name of the training center;
  • the name of the training course;
  • period of study;
  • course program and the number of class hours per week.

2. For adult students / students - a certificate of no criminal record over the past five years, issued by the official authorities of the country of residence.

All submitted documents must be translated into Spanish and certified by the Consulate of Spain in Russia. Notarial documents and a certificate of good conduct must have an apostille.

Application for study visa in Spain

Documents are submitted personally by the applicant (for minors - by parents, guardians or official representatives) to the Spanish Consulate in Russia at the place of residence.

Payment of the fee is made directly at the time of application. In case of refusal of a visa the amount of the fee is not refundable.

The period for consideration of an application for a long-term visa to Spain is one month from the day following the day of submission of documents. If, after the expiration of this period, no response is received from the consulate, it is considered that a negative decision was taken on the application, and the applicant was denied a visa. The consulate has the right to invite the applicant for an interview and request any additional documents.

Making a resident Spain card

With a positive decision, the applicant is pasted in the passport long-term visa type D to enter Spain. To get a visa, you must go to the consulate with a passport within 2 months. If the applicant failed to appear within the specified time, it is considered that he refused the visa and the file is transferred to the archive.

The validity of the visa - 90 days. During this time, you must enter Spain, and then during the month of 1 you must request a residence card from the relevant police station. Many cities have an appointment system. We recommend signing up for filing documents immediately upon arrival, especially in large cities, as there are queues.

If you need to apply for a student visa to Spain, contact the company’s phone numbers, and our specialists will assist you in all matters, in particular, arrange an escort to the migration departments of the authorities.

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