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Property Selection Services

We will help you choose the property, adhering exactly to all your requirements. A small apartment, a new house, a villa, a plot, a commercial real estate - we will offer a lot of options of your choice. We will consult on all issues of purchase or lease, tell you about the features of the Spanish legislation - we will provide full information, both about real estate, so about its design and content.

For customers who have opted for several sites, we will organize a free study tour to Spain. During the stay we will select a decent apartment, a hotel or a villa, we will help with the selection and purchase of tickets, we will assist in obtaining a visa.

Real Estate Services

Our company conducts full support of transactions for the purchase of real estate in Spain. We will open a bank account for you, get a foreigner identification number (NIE), confirm your solvency if necessary, obtain a certificate of ownership of this property certified in the territorial register. Highlights when buying and processing real estate include:

  • bank financing, if it is necessary to involve the bank in financing the purchase of real estate, we will make every effort so that you receive a mortgage loan for Spanish property.
  • on legal support, we check the legality of the property and certify the necessary documents.
  • in the insurance industry, we will help you to issue an insurance policy on the most favorable terms.

Property Management Services

After the transaction, our company provides a full range of management services for newly acquired real estate:

  • assistance with relocation, air tickets and transfer - if you decide to live permanently in Spain;
  • execution of contracts with utilities and service companies;
  • repair and finishing work of any complexity
  • selection of architects, designers, builders - for cosmetic, major repairs or construction;
  • garden and pool maintenance
  • selection of staff, contracts;
  • assistance in purchasing (renting) a car, furniture, household appliances, etc.
  • We will help you to choose a responsible person who keeps an eye on the organization of cleanliness, order and safety in the house and garden, both during your stay and during your absence.

Leisure services

Our company will open for you a huge number of opportunities to organize your holiday in this wonderful country, at your service:

  • a huge number of magnificent golf courses, we will help experienced players to get club cards at golf clubs, and for beginners to take golf lessons;
  • tennis clubs with great courts
  • support when renting a boat or yacht;
  • sea ​​fishing
  • interesting excursions;
  • organize any travel.

We will be happy to use all your experience to organize your holiday and enjoy your time on this wonderful Mediterranean coast.

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