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Welcome to Spain or Bien Venido!

Spain is one of the leading countries of the European Union with a developed economy and infrastructure. Demand spanish property always existed. For example, among Russian buyers, interest in this type of overseas property began to manifest itself from the 90s of the last century. For a decade, cheap housing in Spain has been bought up by residents of the UK, Germany, Scandinavian countries. Real estate in this sunny country is acquired for the purpose of investment, education and just a quality vacation.

Prices Property in Spain significantly moderate even for luxury housing, especially compared to the large Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as with many other EU countries.

Spanish legislation clearly regulates all aspects of real estate transactions and protects the rights of the buyer as much as possible, allowing individuals and legal entities to purchase real estate. It can be said that to date the acquisition real estate in Spain much easier and safer than in Russia. According to Spanish law, any property acquired in Spain, becomes private property to a person at the time of signing the notary deed (eskritury). In this case, there may be several persons, the degree of their relationship does not matter. Acquisition of real estate by foreign citizens is considered by the government as an investment in the Spanish economy, which guarantees absolute loyalty to investors.
A request from third countries for the provision of information concerning private property rights, according to local laws, is an interference in the internal affairs of Spain. The confiscation of private property of foreign investors in favor of third parties does not have a legislative basis, and therefore is impossible. Foreigners can acquire real estate on a par with residents of Spain, both residential (apartments, villas, apartments) and commercial.

Spanish banks can easily give you a loan so that you can buy an apartment or house in Spain, up to 70 percent of the cost of purchased housing under 4-5 percent per annum up to thirty years.

Also, our company has offers for the purchase of mortgage property in Spain from banks, i.e. real estate objects that banks took into their ownership from owners with problems in paying out mortgage loans. The price of such offers, and these are villas and apartments, is much cheaper from the real assessed value.

Recently, Spain is also associated not only with rest, but also with one of the easiest ways to get a Schengen multi-visa and a residence permit in the European Union. Having bought property in Spain, you are guaranteed to get a one-year Spanish multivisa. This means that you can stay on the territory of Spain 180 days a year, or rather 90 days in six months. You can freely cross the borders of any state from the Schengen countries. Also being the owner of real estate in Spain, you have the right to make invitations to Spain for your relatives (multivisa for 90 days with an interval of half a year) and friends (visas for one-time or 2-s one-time entry before 30 days of stay).

Unlike some countries, in Spain the services of real estate agencies are always paid by the seller. It is the seller who pays the agency a commission for finding a buyer and helping to complete the accompanying purchase formalities. The buyer does not have to pay any commission to the agency. If a company, its representative office in another country, etc. trying to get a commission from the buyer, this is an attempt to “earn” extra money, taking advantage of the latter’s lack of awareness. In this case, the buyer should stop the negotiations and look for other options.

Plus not large enough taxes on the purchase of property, a very simple procedure for housing design, and moderate expenses for the maintenance of their property. These facts, along with the historically respectful attitude towards private property and the benevolent attitude of Spaniards to foreigners, created favorable and attractive conditions for making long-term investments in this sphere of economic relations.

There is another very unimportant factor, which speaks in favor of Spain - from Moscow to Spain only about five hours of flight, while we can say that ticket prices are not expensive enough - 400 euros for one person. Just like property prices in Spain speak for themselves. So, welcome to Spain!