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Vnzh in Spain when buying property

05.04.2019 17:23

Obtaining residence permit in Spain, it is an opportunity to officially find a job, register a profitable business, reunite with the family and educate children in the best European schools and universities. This is also a visa-free visit to 29 of the Schengen countries, the use of a single European currency and the prospect of obtaining citizenship.

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There are several ways to design a resident status, among which the most popular is buying property in Spain. For guaranteed obtaining a residence permit, you must comply with the requirements of Spanish legislation and prove financial independence.

Residence permit in Spain when buying property

Registration of a residence permit through the issuance of an investor visa, or a “golden visa” is a popular way of obtaining a residence under a simplified scheme, which gives a greater likelihood of approval. An important condition - the purchase of real estate in Spain worth at least 500 thousand euros, per person, issued after the 2013 year.

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The advantages of obtaining a residence permit Golden visa:

• it is not necessary to live in Spain for 6 months;
• it is not necessary to receive the tax status of the resident;
• You can issue this type of residence permit in Spain right away on 2 of the year, and extend it further on for 5 years;
• along with the registration of a residence permit for the applicant, such status immediately, without a national visa, is assigned to his family members: parents, adult children and spouse;
• All family members can get a formal job in Spain.

Please note that the requirements do not prohibit the purchase of several properties, but with an aggregate value of half a million euros. However, the purchase of a share of housing even for this amount will not be enough to obtain a residence permit for the investor. It is advisable to conduct the transaction accompanied by a Spanish lawyer who will help you arrange the documents correctly, in compliance with the requirements of local legislation.

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Stages of obtaining a residence permit when buying Spanish property

The provisions of the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Spain contain a detailed description of the approaches to obtaining a residence permit for foreigners. They contain information about obtaining a residence permit when buying Spanish property, through the passage of several stages:

  1. To issue an investor visa (category D), being in Russia. After submission of documents, the application will be reviewed within 10-15 days.
  2. Come to Spain and buy a property. We recommend registering accommodation accompanied by a local lawyer.
  3. Submit to the mayor of the Spanish province documents confirming the purchase of the object.
  4. Apply for a visa without the right to work at the Consulate of Spain. It is necessary to submit a document on the right of the owner to the purchased housing, as well as an application for a residence permit in a certain Spanish province. The full package of documents from the Consulate is redirected to the mayor of this province. Within one month should come permission to issue a residence permit.
  5. Get a visa to enter Spain, at the Consulate. After receiving permission from the City Hall, within three months (validity of the visa) you need to come to the Kingdom, register an identification card and submit a document of registration, along with a passport and a visa.

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