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Property in Calpe by the sea, Costa Blanca

04.03.2019 11:47

Calpe is a picturesque resort on the Costa Blanca. Every year thousands of tourists come here from all over the world. therefore Property in Calpe by the sea attracts investors. After all, the town is located in the province of Alicante. This region attracts with a mild climate, beautiful nature and developed infrastructure. Buying an apartment or villa here, you increase your capital.


Resort in Spain Calpe: welcome to paradise

This city is one of the most popular resorts in the province of Alicante. The population of Calpe is around 20 000 inhabitants. The region attracts with a measured pace of life and a developed infrastructure. It has everything: restaurants, shopping centers, banks, fitness clubs, sandy beaches, large parks and majestic mountain peaks.


Becoming the owner apartments in Calpe, you can explore the surroundings. It is necessary to climb the observation deck, located on the top of the Penon de Ifach, stroll through the streets of the old city and see the pink flamingos at Salinas Lake. Tourists are also attracted by the abundance of attractions and a good cultural program.


Real estate in Calpe by the sea

Our company offers a large selection of objects with different sizes and layouts. Each apartment and Villa in Calpe supplemented by its own parking and access to all the benefits of civilization.


Becoming the owner of real estate in this region, you will appreciate the following benefits:

  • safety - the streets are well covered, and the crime rate tends to zero;

  • modern buildings - houses in the city are built of durable earthquake-resistant materials, and are always complemented by good sound insulation;

  • prime location - Calpe is built on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by mountain peaks;

  • passive income - if you do not plan permanent residence in Spain, housing can be rented;


  • profitable capital investment - the value of real estate in this region is dynamically increasing;

  • developed infrastructure - there are many restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, ATMs and attractions in the city;

  • check-in immediately after the paperwork - in the sale of objects with the repair, furniture and household appliances.


In our company it is easy to buy quality real estate in spain in calpe. We offer loyal prices, organization of property viewing, and full documentary support of the transaction. You get a large selection of objects and confidence in the safety of investments. Invest in the future with us.


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