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Advantages of Spanish apartments by the sea

08.01.2019 11:46

Spain Costa Blanca Apartments in Spain on the seashore attract future property owners with a favorable ratio of natural and climatic conditions. An equally important factor is the investment attractiveness of the financial investments made in the purchase of such housing. You can live in such apartments for only a few days or months a year, and rent property for the rest of the time. This will not only quickly return the money invested in the purchase of housing, but also regularly receive a decent income.

These apartments are concentrated mainly on the coast of the Costa Blanca, especially the city:

  • Torrevieja,

  • Alicante,

  • Orihuela Costa,

  • Playa Flamenca,

  • Cabo Roig

  • Villamartin,

  • Mile Palmeras.


The average number of sunny days by the sea is 315. Air temperature + 30 in summer and + 17-19 in winter. Water warms up to + 29 degrees. Due to the absence of industry, the air is clean all the time. Additionally, property owners in Spain are attracted by a developed infrastructure. And, of course, the main attraction of the Spanish coastal areas - people. Attitude to foreigners is traditionally friendly here.


How to buy an apartment by the sea in Spain

First recommendation to anyone buy an apartment in Spain - The purpose of the use of housing. If you are planning to later rent property, choose areas closer to the beach. Pay attention to the level of infrastructure development - there should be not only resort entertainment and parks, but also shops and restaurants nearby.

The second moment, equally significant for those who intend to live on the coast permanently and for those who are interested in apartments in Spain for the subsequent renting out to visiting tourists - transportation services. This is always and in any geographic location, whether it is the coast or the center of Torrevieja, increases the attractiveness of the object.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in choosing an apartment by the sea in Spain. And one more tip - do not buy housing remotely and from photographs. Visit the coastal areas in person, take a break and take a closer look at how people live. Leave the legal formalities to us, but this is discussed in detail in another article.

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