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Weather in Spain on the Costa Blanca

12.02.2019 12:10

Those who want to buy property in Spain are rightly interested in the issue of weather and climate. The country is the fourth largest in Europe; therefore, for its rather large territory, significant internal differences in climate are quite typical. You can notice them in the average annual temperature fluctuations, as well as in the volume and mode of precipitation.


The climate in Spain (Alicante)

Costa Blanca (Spanish - Costa Blanca) is translated from Spanish as “White Coast”. The coast of this region includes the province of Alicante (Alicante), which belongs to the Mediterranean climate region. The Mediterranean climate in Spain, namely, its marine type is known for its abundance of sun, which will appeal to all lovers of bronze tanning and relaxing near the water. Sunny days here is about ten months out of twelve. The terrain is not characterized by an abundance of precipitation - for the year they fall no more than five hundred millimeters.


Weather in Torrevieja, Spain

The proximity of the sea not only provides optimum humidity, but also smoothes temperature fluctuations. Summer is not too hot here, rather, it can be called mild. August is considered the warmest month in the province of Alicante. Its average daily temperature is 31 ° С, night temperature is 24 ° С, respectively. In winter, the thermometer usually does not fall below 10 ° C, and the average annual temperature varies within 17-19 ° C.

Weather -

Therefore, the climatic conditions of these places can be rightly called the most favorable for year-round living. Spring comes here not according to the calendar, but earlier, together with the beginning of the flowering of almonds. You can see this beauty in February, and sometimes at the end of January!


And, of course, all the guests of Alicante are interested in the temperature of the sea. The warmest sea in Alicante is from July to September, when the water temperature reaches the mark of 26-28 ° C. However, the beach season lasts much longer - from approximately May to October. In general, the weather in Spain on the Mediterranean coast is not particularly variable. Coming here for a week or two, you will surely catch the sun, and rare cloudy and rainy days can be called an exception to the general rule.


Torrevieja - a paradise of the Mediterranean

If you want to buy property in Spain, be sure to pay attention to the resort town Torrevieja! Here you can find a wide variety of housing options - from the most affordable apartments and economy-class bungalows to luxury apartments and luxury villas. You can choose the right solution for your own living and for renting out.

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