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The best beaches in Spain with a blue flag

09.05.2019 00:33

Every seventh Blue Flag in the world will fly in the territory of the Spanish kingdom! In 2019, Spain once again became the leader in the number of the best beaches!

✅ Total 669 Blue Flags (which is 15% of the total ❗️in the world) will appear on the shores of the Solar Kingdom this coming summer.

beaches in Spain with the blue flag on the Costa Blanca

✅ Every third beach in the autonomous community of Valencia is marked by the highest quality mark - 135 (from 331).

✅ More than half of the Valencia Blue Flags are on the beaches of the province of Alicante (71 of 135). So we have with you the choice - Yes! Most of the province of Alicante got the blue flag Orihuela Costa's sandy beaches!

True, "without loss" has not done. The most essential for us is, of course, La Mata. Alas, but in 2019, the most spacious beach of Torrevieja was left without a prestigious award. BUT! Let's do everything in order.

For more than thirty years, one of the main signs of a good beach has been the presence of the Blue Flag. And if in 1987, this “quality mark” could only be received by 4 countries - France, Spain, Denmark and Portugal, then in 2018, the Blue Flag brings together more than 4500 coastal sites in 45 countries on five continents. By the way, not the only beaches, as they say. Also, this award is awarded to ports and tourist "boats."

Sandy beaches in Spain with a blue flag

Work on the list of applicants for the Blue Flag is almost non-stop (all year round), and the results are traditionally announced in the first decade of May. So I bring you the latest data that the Spanish media have already taken away, but have not yet published on the official websites of ADEAC (Spanish Association of Environmental and Consumer Education) and FEE (European Foundation for Environmental Education).

beaches-in-spain-costa blanca alicante xnumx

A total of 2019, Spain received 669 flags, including the following: 566 beaches, 98 ports, 5 boats (three in Mallorca and two in Malaga).

Autonomies lead our native Valencia community (150), the second and third places are shared between Catalonia (120) and Galicia (119), followed by Andalusia (98), Balearic Islands (63) and Canaries (49).

beaches-in-spain-costa blanca alicante xnumx

As I already said, this season we have lost 28 flags, and Andalusia (minus 11 flags) has become an absolute outsider on this list. 7 has fewer flags than last year to travel to the Canary Islands. In Catalonia, there is also a “negative result” (-4).

As for the closest and dearest beaches to us, then ... We will not be missing this year the flags on Playa de La Mata (Sur) and Playa Higuericas (in Pilar de la Horadada).

beaches-in-spain-costa blanca alicante xnumx

Criteria for obtaining the Blue Flag

Information and environmental education

On the beaches marked with the Blue Flag, there should be signs with information about the beach, coastal ecosystems and, where appropriate, about nearby protected natural spaces, as well as “rules of conduct”. The municipality must organize at least five environmental education events per year.

Water quality

Water quality (during the previous bathing season) should be excellent at all sampling points in accordance with the Bathing Water Quality Guidelines and the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. Water samples are taken officially several times a year.

beaches-in-spain-costa blanca alicante xnumx

Environmental management
The beach must comply with environmental regulations,
Be clean and have proper waste management (including separate waste collection).
Equipped with public toilets.
Adapted for people with disabilities.

Security and Services
Easy, safe and convenient access (including for people with disabilities).
There must be a first aid kit, rescue and rescue equipment.

beaches-in-spain-costa blanca alicante xnumx

The author of the text: Alla Bor

Photos: Alexey Stroganov

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