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Spain has once again become the absolute leader in the number of the best beaches!
09.05.2019 00:33

beaches in Spain with the blue flag on the Costa Blanca Every seventh Blue Flag in the world will fly in the territory of the Spanish Kingdom! More than half of the blue flags in the autonomy of Valencia - on the beaches of the province of Alicante.

The best beaches of Spain on the coast of Orihuela Costa
07.05.2019 19:12

Spain’s best white sand beaches for families with children Orihuela Costa is a vast coastal area (about 15 km), which is located on the coast of the Costa Blanca Sea. Here are the best beaches in Spain with white sand. They are marked with a blue flag, which indicates their cleanliness and livability. Sandy beaches in this region of Spain are great for families with children and not only.

Vnzh in Spain when buying property
05.04.2019 17:23

Getting a residence permit in Spain when buying property Obtaining residence permit in Spain, it is an opportunity to officially find a job, register a profitable business, reunite with the family and educate children in the best European schools and universities. This is also a visa-free visit to 29 of the Schengen countries, the use of a single European currency and the prospect of obtaining citizenship.

Accommodation in Calpe, a resort in the province of Alicante
04.03.2019 11:47

bfoto_ru_4730 Calpe is a picturesque resort on the Costa Blanca. Every year thousands of tourists come here from all over the world. therefore Property in Calpe on the beach attracts investors. After all, the town is located in the province of Alicante. This region attracts with a mild climate, beautiful nature and developed infrastructure. Buying an apartment or villa in Spain, you increase your capital.

The climate in Spain in Alicante and Torrevieja
12.02.2019 12:10

spain-foto-2019-02 Those who want to buy property in Spain are rightly interested in the issue of weather and climate. The country is the fourth largest in Europe; therefore, for its rather large territory, significant internal differences in climate are quite typical. You can notice them in the average annual temperature fluctuations, as well as in the volume and mode of precipitation.

Sights of Spain on the Costa Blanca
25.01.2019 13:30

IMG_2439 The sights of Spain, which abound in the Costa Blanca, excite the imagination of tourists, fueling interest in a country that is distinguished not only by the sunny season, but also by ancient history.

The material heritage of successive eras is surrounded by glamorous hotels and beaches in the province of Alicante, whose cities are Alicante, Torrevieja, Cartagena, Benidorm, Althea

The attractiveness of apartments and apartments in Spain by the sea
08.01.2019 11:46

Spain Costa Blanca Apartments in Spain on the seashore attract future property owners with a favorable ratio of natural and climatic conditions. An equally important factor is the investment attractiveness of the financial investments made in the purchase of such housing.

Number of properties sold in Spain and trends for 2019 year
18.12.2018 09:03

Spain, Orihuela Costa, real estate in Playa Flamenca Real estate in Spain, as shown by the results of 2018, remained for foreign investors one of the most popular in the consumer rating. Today Spain ranks fifth in the world ranking of countries attractive for real estate purchase.

Features of buying property in Spain in the Alicante region
07.12.2018 12:15

arumproperty-real-estate-nedvidimost-v-ispanii-1 Have Property in Spain on the coast is prestigious and real. Now more and more Russians are willing to buy houses, apartments, bungalows. The price of real estate depends on a number of factors, such as:

Buying property in Spain - a rational decision
29.11.2018 10:40

Property in Spain photo villa by the sea Before, literally 10 years ago, proposed houses in Spain in the “low-cost real estate” category there were completely unattractive options for foreign buyers. And in most cases the objects were on the far coastline. At the moment, the situation has changed, and today, for example, real estate in torrevieja can be purchased for the price ...

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